Obtain a Fire Risk Assessment for Your Property in Feltham, Middlesex and South East

Buckleys Fire Risk Assessments (FRA)

What is so unique about Buckleys RICS Chartered Building Surveys
undertaking your Fire Risk Assessment?

Buckley’s Chartered Building Surveys Co Ltd are regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyor (RICS).

The RICS is recognised globally as a world leader in property management .Once you have instructed us to undertake your FRA you can leave the rest to us, “KEEP IT SIMPLE”

It is a statutory requirement to carry out a fire risk assessment and to keep it under review (see RRFSO article 9 ).

Most of the companies are unable to recover from the destruction caused. However most of the structural fires could be prevented.

Structural fires have a potential to cause damage to the property, serious injury and even death as recent history has shown. The penalty for non-compliance can be subject to imprisonment in the event of a fatality CALL US TODAY!

In summary the 4 step report will meet all statutory property obligations keeping the freeholder free from prosecution.

Step 1)

1. We provide you with a quotation to undertake the FRA including Term of Engagement that needs to be signed and returned by the client.

2. Automated payment is made by credit card.

3. Once the instruction has been received “Pre-site information is requested approximately 7 days before the survey is carried out.

4. It is essential all certification the requires periodic inspection is presented on the day of the survey i.e. as certification CP12, Fixed wire test for communal areas in compliance to Part P ( this is not an exhaustive list)

Step 2 ­)

The surveyor will undertake a visual inspection of the building ensuring vertical and horizontal fire compartmentation including periodic component certification is in compliance with the RRO-2005.

Step 3)

Once the survey is completed a report based on the finding of the FRA is presented that reflect the condition of the building at the time of the survey, this is presented in a traffic light format with an Action Plan to follow. The Action Plan will be presented in a similar format with an action plan with recommended remedial work action plan similar to a vehicle MOT.

Step 4)

Once the survey has been undertaken this will include a technical specification of remedial works is completed in a timely manner.

If you haven't carried out your assessment yet, Buckleys Chartered Building Surveys Co Ltd can help. Don't wait until the fire brigade or council knock on your door – The Process is very simple to ensure you have fulfilled your Statutory Obligation.

On completion of the FRA the client is presented with a certificate of Statutory Compliance that the RRO 2005 has been complied with providing assurance to the employees and residents within the building.

Fire Safety

Fires can cause serious injury, damage to your property, and even death, and that is why at our company, we offer building surveys that prevent a fire from starting in your property. Some companies are not able to rebuild their business when a fire has occurred, and therefore closing their company is their only option. In most cases, the structural fires could have been prevented if the freeholder complied with the fire regulations.

At our business, we identify preventative measures in your building that could stop a fire from happening. For us to do this, you need to know the following:

  • What exactly Needs to be Prevented 
  • What Measures Should be Applied 
  • Where in Your Premises Should the Measures Apply
  • How to Apply the Measures Effectively

A fire risk assessment should provide all the important information and guidance.

Contact us in Feltham, Middlesex and South East about our fire safety solutions including a fire risk assessment.